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A strong research design and biostatistics support play a critical role in the long-term success of clinical and translational research and education enterprises. Current research studies involve complex study design and generate complicated multivariate data, which require biostatistics expertise. The Biostatistics Core Facility under the Department of Quantitative Health Sciences provides biostatistical research support to basic science, clinical, and translational investigators. The core specializes in study design, data health management and data analysis, participates in grant proposal development, conducts methodology research, and provides education in biostatistics and other related areas.


For non-JABSOM medical trainees (i.e., UH-affiliated faculty or staff, or outside organization researchers) needing collaborative or fee-for-service biostatistical support, please fill out the form below:


JABSOM medical trainees (i.e., medical students, residents or fellows):

You can directly schedule a consultation appointment through the Consultation Calendly link. Do not submit a separate JABSOM Biostatistics Core Facility request form. Projects that require data analysis are recommended to meet with a biostatistician at least 4 weeks ahead of the project deadline. Depending on the quality and complexity of data analysis, etc., more time may be required.

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