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Biostatistics Resources


Online Statistical Courses


How to Choose a Statistical Test?

  • Decision Tree
    The link is based on the book "A Guide for Selecting Statistical Techniques for Analyzing Social Science Data" (Second Edition).

  • Decision Table
    The link is associated with the book "Intuitive Biostatistics: Choosing a statistical test" (First Edition).

Statistical Software

Statistical Calculators

  • P-value Calculator
    For a sample from a population with a known proabability distribution, a p-value can be calculated using an online calculator. The program was developed by Dr. Hossein Arsham of the University of Baltimore.

    Online P-value Calculator

  • Power and Sample Size Calculators
    Power and sample size calculation is crucial to properly plan your study and control your budget. Several JavaScript based calculators are available at University of California or University of Iowa.

Note: Power and sample size calculation is intended to help design a study. It is not intended to be conducted after the data have already been collected. We highly recommend that a researcher who is planning for a study consults a professional biostatistician well before the initiation of the study.


Statistical Software Packages

  • Free open source statistical software packages can be found here. For example, R is free.

  • Commercial statistical software include SAS, SPSS, and STATA, etc., where the links contain tutorials from UCLA.

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