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The faculty and staff Biostatistics Core Facility are ready to provide high-quality, efficient, and reliable biostatistics collaboration and support services to promote excellence in education and research:


Consultations & Fee-for-Service Projects

We provide a free initial consultation for each research project. The initial consultation provides a perfect opportunity for researchers to explore ideas/hypotheses, and to discuss study feasibility with Biostatistics Core Facility faculty and/or staff.

For short-term or non-extramurally funded projects, we offer biostatistical support through a fee-for-service basis. Biostatistics Core Facility faculty and staff provide research design, database design and management, data analysis, and results interpretation and dissemination services to research and education projects funded by the investigator’s department funds or other sources.

Data Analysis

Biostatistics Core Facility faculty and staff provide comprehensive biostatistics data analysis as listed below:

  • Data coding and management
  • Comprehensive univariate and multivariate analyses
  • Data and safety monitoring, including interim analyses
  • Large healthcare data analytics
  • Tailored statistical tool development to address specific research questions and challenges

Grant Proposal & Development

To encourage and facilitate more research activities at JABSOM and its affiliated institutes, the Biostatistics Core Facility will provide research design and data analysis plan support and expertise in the development of extramural grant proposals. Excluding extensive preliminary data analysis, the support is currently free of charge as long as an adequate percentage FTE of the participating faculty and staff is built into the grant budget.

As grant application deadlines tend to be clustered around certain dates, please contact us well before the deadline so we will be able to properly support your grant application and increase your chance of obtaining funding.

Research Design

A strong research design is critical for basic science, clinical and translational research. The involvement of experienced biostatistics specialists in the development of a research project tends to significantly increase the quality of an investigation. Funding agencies and study sessions are focusing more on the research design of a proposed study to ensure the design is optimal. Biostatistics Core Facility faculty and staff members have research design expertise in the following areas:

  • Research feasibility discussion to establish testable research hypothesis
  • Sample size and statistical power determination
  • Data-instrument development, such as questionnaires
  • Data-coding protocols
  • Sampling procedures
  • Study design and statistical analysis plan development for grants

Note: To help increase the likelihood of obtaining extramural funding, Biostatistics Core faculty and staff need sufficient time to customize the research design and data analysis sections for your individual research proposal. We strongly recommend that you contact us as early as possible, at least several weeks before the submission deadline.

Database Development & Management

Database Development & Management involves the use of information technology interventions for clinical and translational research projects. The Biostatistics Core Facility has experience in various areas, including:

  • Database design and programming
  • Large healthcare data management
  • Web application development

Results Dissemination

The BQHS faculty and staff have extensive experience with results presentation and dissemination, such as:

  • Biostatistics results interpretation
  • Results presentations (e.g., figures, tables) for manuscripts and posters
  • Biostatistics methodology and results sections development for reports and manuscripts

Note: Authorship is generally expected on scientific journal articles or presentations, where substantial efforts on research design and/or data analysis are provided. Reimbursement for Biostatistics Core Facility support (either through %FTE or fee-for-service) does not preclude or replace authorship.

Training & Education

Our experienced faculty and staff at the Biostatistics Core Facility provide the following mentoring and training:

  • For-credit biostatistics courses of various levels of difficulty (please see education for details)
  • Biostatistics workshops and seminars for trainees (graduate students, residents, fellows), faculty, and staff
  • Serving as biostatistics mentors for students and trainees
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