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Our department offers a Clinical and Translational Research (CTR) graduate program with the option to pursue the Clinical Research (CR) track or Quantitative Health Sciences (QHS) track. Designed to provide the training, tools, and skills for advanced data analysis, the program will enable students to address health disparities and other translational health initiatives through ethical research. This is a unique program offered in Hawaiʻ i for individuals interested in pursuing research and research support careers in academia, government laboratories, healthcare organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.

Students enrolled in the CR track will develop the ability to apply ethical principles to ensure the safeguarding of human subjects in clinical trials. The QHS track will teach students the fundamentals of biostatistics and bioinformatics, and master the scientific principles and methodologies that underlie basic science. In addition, students increase their capacity in obtaining research funding from agencies such as the National Institute of Health.

Our experienced faculty and staff at QHS also provide for-credit biostatistics and bioinformatics courses, offer quantitative health science workshops and seminars, and serve as quantitative health sciences mentors for students and trainees.



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