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 Program Overview

1. Clinical Research (CR) Track

2. Quantitative Health Sciences (QHS) Track

The CR track focuses on the study of methods suitable to investigate clinical research topics. Students will develop the ability to conduct clinical research, understand and apply ethical principles ensuring the protection of human study participants, and learn about the purpose and operations of Institutional Review Boards, and relevant federal regulations and requirements. Potential careers fields in this track include physician researcher, clinical research coordinator, regulatory coordinator, clinical trial manager, study monitor and compliance officer.

Clinical Research Track Flyer

The QHS track is designed to help meet the critical need of quantitative health scientists in the healthcare workforce of Hawai’i, the Pacific region, and globally. The QHS track contributes to a field that requires specific analytic skills. Students learn research design and advanced data analysis skills and tools, including large data analytic approaches, for health science research and research design. They will master the scientific principles and methodologies that underlie basic science, and clinical and translational research methods. The QHS track will prepare them for future careers in areas such as biostatistics, bioinformatics, healthcare data analysis, and clinical outcomes analysis.

Quantitative Health Sciences Track Flyer

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